Crossgates Primary School

Kiln Lane, Rochdale, Lancashire, OL16 3HB
Contact: Mrs. J. Norton - Headteacher
Mrs. J. Binns - Business Manager
Mrs. L. McGuigan - School Adminstrator/Clerk to Governors
Mrs. E. McMahon - Deputy Head/ SEND Co-Ordinator

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If you would like a paper copy of any of the documents on the site, please contact the school office.

School Meals

All meals are cooked fresh each day, using the best ingredients and freshest produce.  Portion sizes will be appropriate to each child’s age/size.  We have used the feedback from the children and come up with new menus which will run on a four week rota.  We will from time to time have ‘Special Days’ and eventually hope to introduce a homemade soup and roll option, Panini and toasted sandwich days – we will let you know about these via the weekly newsletter.

Our menus will be reviewed regularly and hopefully with feedback from the children, we can establish healthy, tasty meal options that the children will enjoy eating.  Please encourage your child to let us know if there is something they have loved or something they disliked.


Meals at Crossgates 

At lunch-time, children have three options:-  

1. Home for lunch

Parents should remember that our lunchtime supervisors are not there to supervise children who go home for lunch. When returning from home children should arrive at school just before the start of the afternoon session.

2. School Meals

Children have a choice of main courses including a “butty box” type option including a sandwich and salad bar and a choice of sweets, including fruit.  All our menu's are in line with National Food standards for schools.



All meals will be cooked fresh each day, using the best ingredients and freshest produce.  Portion sizes are appropriate to each child’s age/size.  We will have a homemade soup and roll option, Panini and toasted sandwich days and from time to time, ‘Special Themed Days’.  We will be continuing to hold ‘family lunch’ days when you can come along and try our menus with your child. 


We like children who are having school meals to stay for a complete week.  

School meals will cost £2.10 per day - £10.50 per week. Children are served water or juice with their meal.


Universal Free School Meals

All Reception, Year 1 and 2 children will qualify for Free School Meals.  However, if your child is currently in receipt of Free School Meals, you must renew your application as normal ready for September; all other children will qualify automatically.


Our menus run on a four week cycle.

Weeks commencing:

Week 1 menus  Week 2 menus Week 3 menus Week 4 menus
23rd April 2018 30th April 2018 Tuesday, 8th May 2018 14th May 2018
21st May 2018 Tuesday, 5th June 2018 11th June 2018 18th June 2018
25th June 2018 2nd July 2018 9th July 2018 16th July 2018



 Please click on the links below to view the menus:

Menu Week 1 March - July 2018.docx

Menu Week 2 March - July 2018.docx

Menu Week 3 March - July 2018.docx

Menu Week 4 March - July 2018.docx





 3. Healthy Packed Lunch - from home

Please use plastic containers (not bottles). We prefer children to drink from a cup or through a straw (not straight from a bottle). Please ensure packed lunches are healthy. Fizzy drinks and sweets are not allowed in school. A small chocolate bar is appropriate for lunchtime.
If your child stays at school for a school meal or a packed lunch then she/he will dine in the school hall with other children from the class and with children from three other classes. Children sit a table with their friends, including children who may be older and younger. Children chat, find out about each other and learn to care for each other.
The children are supervised by lunchtime supervisors and teachers.

4. Refreshments/Snacks

Milk and fruit is available to our youngest children (Reception, Year 1 and Year 2) free of charge. We encourage all children to bring fruit to school for a snack during the day.



Family Lunches

Last year family lunches were very popular in school. I have arranged some new dates with our kitchen staff for each class to have lunch with their parents, grandparents or child minders.


Date Class Menu
Thursday 19th April       Kestrels Old menu week 1
Thursday 26th April Falcons Week 1
Thursday 3rd May Eagles Week 2
Thursday 10th May Greenfinch Week 3
Thursday 24th May Goldfinch Week4
Thursday 7th June Sparrows Week 2
Thursday 14th June Rosefinch Week 3
Thursday 21st June Wrens Week 4
Thursday 28th June Robins  Week 1
Thursday 5th July Owls 1 (Mr. Ferris) Week 2
Thursday 19th July Owls 2 (Mrs. Hall) Week 4


Please click the links above to view the menu choices.


If you would like to take part please complete the form (spare copies can be found in the front entrance) and send £2.50 for each adult and £2.10 for your child in an envelope marked ‘family lunch’ (if your child is receipt of Universal Free School meals or Free School Meals, you do not have to pay for them).

The lunch will begin at 11:30. Please sign in at the office, collect your child or children and enjoy your lunch. If you have more than one child in school, they may also join you for lunch – siblings only please.  Please DO NOT arrive before 11.30am as we cannot let you in school before this time.

For safeguarding reasons, it is really important that you leave through the main entrance door after your lunch and don’t walk around school. Your child will then go out to play as normal. Mobile phones must not be used in school – thank you.